Thursday, April 27, 2006


Well, I bet no one out there even knew I was participating in Sockapaloooza! From my knitting lately (or lack thereof), I certainly wouldn't have guessed. I started these Pomatomus (sp?) socks during my trip.


I restarted once because I was nowhere near gauge, but I was still only a repeat in when I got home. (The observant among you will note that I didn't remotely follow the instructions for the heel, which looked interesting now that I've looked at the pattern. I now have to decide if I should do the toe as written. The really observant will notice that I added two stitches to every repeat. It was the only way I could fix the gauge problem since I didn't have any larger needles with me.) Sadly, as it stands now, I will have to send my sock pal a note that the socks will be delayed, but they are on the way...