Monday, October 05, 2009

Sofa Shopping

Uh, yeah, I haven't posted in a while. Moving seems to have eaten most of my free time and brain capacity. Add the lack of computer/internet access until very recently, and you get blog silence.


So, while I am knitting, the main topic on my mind these days is furniture shopping. I am in a new place now that I'm back in Ottawa (my first *own* place!), and I need to furnish it. Since I'm tired of sitting on the floor, the couch is first on my list!

I have a pretty big living/dining area (the schematic says 17'5" by 18'1", but I haven't measured yet to see how that compares to reality). But, the couch, entertainment/storage and dining all have to fit. So, I thought I'd blog my choices and see if anyone else has any comments.

First, I'm basing my decorating on a rug I love that I got in Turkey last fall.
I'm looking for something gray (medium to dark) with metal legs and some clearance (so you can see through under it). I would like a sectional, but would consider other styles.

1) Philip Van Leeuwen - the Aspen
It's available now, and very reasonably priced, but this one is huge! As in, not even another chair would fit. Very comfy, and could seat 5 people, but not very flexible.

2) EQ3 - the Salema in Urban-Vapour
The worst thing about this couch is the order time - 6-12 weeks! The scale, options and price point are all good. The fabric, since I can't find a good sample on-line, reads as a browny-gray in a similar tone to the Aspen.

3) DWR - the Albert in Slate
Much more expensive than the other options, but this couch is beautiful! The only reason I haven't already ordered it is that it only comes in leather, which I find a bit cold. Although I've been testing out leather couches all over town trying to decide if I can live with it.

4) Montauk - Lily or Tuxedo (which do come in sofas), Kate or Catherine...
Another more expensive option, neither of which have sectional options, but they do have beautiful lines, and Montauk is known for their sustainable practices. My biggest question is around fabrics, and I think I'd just have to go to a showroom (either Montreal or Toronto).

Does anyone know of other options? I'd prefer not to have to ship anything too far, but for the most part, anything I bought would have to be shipped from somewhere.