Friday, June 09, 2006

A saga of socks

So, apparently I have bad sock karma. I have taken part in sockapaltwoza and sockapaloooza (organized by the wonderful Alison), but I have yet to receive a pair of socks!

My first pal actually flaked on me, so Alison kindly arranged for a sock angel (for whom I was a sock angel as well). Unfortunately (this portion of this sad story is entirely my fault), I had moved at some point and completely blanked on changing my address. So, the postal people say the package was delivered, but the people in that apartment (I still live in the same building) claim they never received any of my mail. (I don't believe them. They tried to steal money from me through mail they received. You'd think I'd have learned by now!)

But now it seems that Canada Post has taken a dislike to me. A few weeks ago, my new sockpal (the lovely Kayla, who is currently taking a break from blogging) emailed me to tell me that the sock package she had mailed to me had been returned to her! I was hyper alert to ensuring that I had submitted the right address this time, so I don't understand what the problem was. Anyway, she promised to remail, but I haven't seen anything yet! The last message I have on the subject is from May 16th. I clearly understand how Ms. Grumperina feels.

So, if I maybe don't participate in the next sock pal round and actually knit some socks for myself (and I've now sent out three pairs), please be understanding.