Saturday, March 31, 2007

Twice a month, and holding steady

Well, I'm still not knitting a lot. I've been knitting the same sweater since September, so I've lost all will to blog about it as well.

Spring is here, and its lovely! (Although still very dirty. I'm looking forward to some good, cleansing rain.) And, in the spirit of renewal and change, I've decided to move. I will be moving overseas for a couple of years this summer, and in anticipation of that, I decided I wanted to get rid of a lot of excess weight I've been dragging around with me. The problem is that I'm living on most of it right now. So, I've secured a room to rent for May through August, and I'm starting to move only the things I want to have around over there. I'm undecided after that whether I should have a garage sale or just donate it to people who need it through Freecycle (or leaving it behind my building for people to take, which also works).

Well, I guess that's it for now...


I am! said...

Wow, what a big change for you! I hope the move is all for the good - meanwhile, we'll have to have a "knitting-away-party" for you! See you on the 18th?


Anonymous said...

Hello from your sock pal :) Just wanted to say hello and that I've sent you and email!

Take care!!! :)