Friday, February 06, 2009

Endpaper Mitts in progress


So, I started a pair of Endpaper Mitts, and the pattern is great! really well written/charted, and I really liked the tubular cast on! Unfortunately, the tubular cast off is not working out so well for me... yet. I've only tried it once, and then didn't want to take the (almost completed) mitt traveling. So, it's been sitting for a bit. Hopefully this weekend I will sit down and work out that final cast off so I can start the second one.

The first picture is a bit dark, but shows the lovely variations in the Sundara sock yarn I'm using. The colours are more true in this photo.

I say that I want to get to the second one, but really, I'll likely cast on for something else. I plan to be in Canada in March, and these are not quite right for the dead of winter, so I think I may make a pair of Bella's mittens instead, and finish number two in this set for next fall.


Shan said...

Oooh those are nice. How's the Sundara to work with?

Shan said...
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Prairie Girl said...

Came across your blog while googling Make 1 Yarn Studio - and wanted to leave a comment because I love love love these! Great job!