Monday, June 13, 2005

getting started

Hmmm... getting started at this is taking some time...

So, I had a rather uneventful weekend. Went to see Mr. and Mrs. Smith with Steph on Friday. Did some cleaning and grocery shopping. I went on a cooking spree Sunday evening, so I have most of the food I’ll need for the next couple of days done. I also baked some surprise muffins, cannibalizing my banana muffin recipe to include blueberries and orange juice. I’ve decided that next time I experiment, I should also change the spices too, as I’m not sure orange juice and nutmeg are my favourite combination, but overall they turned out well.

I got new shoes! Did I tell you about the escalator eating my shoe? Well, it did, so the mall is reimbursing me for a new pair. I have to drop off the receipt and old shoes today. If I owned a digital camera, I would take a picture for posterity, but I guess I’ll have to do without.

Other than that, I barely moved. It was soooo hot here! And humid, and smoggy (we had a smog alert! I’ve never experienced one of those in Canada before!). Overall, the weather sucked. I have to say, the weather here isn’t my favourite. It’s known for being damn cold and humid in the winter and damn hot and humid in the summer. And we had freezing rain all winter, which leads to crappy snow for winter sports, although I’m told that that’s not normal. And all the smog and humidity prevents it from being truly sunny out, but it’s still hot!

So, the Internet is a wonderful thing. I’ve joined a knitting group on-line that is doing a sock exchange. So, the idea is I knit socks for someone else and then someone else (not the same person) knits socks for me! I’m just finishing up my first pair of socks (knit for me!), so now I have yet another project to keep me busy until mid-September. If I had my own blog (that I updated regularly) I could join other fun projects like the Secret Pal group. Actually, it’s probably good that I don’t get too involved in these on-line swaps, cause you never know what will strike my fancy next.

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