Thursday, December 01, 2005


I'm sure everyone else is feeling it too! Sorry for not posting though. I haven't been home before 9 yet this week.

In knitting news, I've finished the baby sweater. There are also details of the yoke and lace bottom.

baby finished

I think it looks pretty good. I'll now be keeping a feeler out for someone to give it to (I do have some potential receivers, in mind). I'm now working on the Rib/Fair Isle Vest from the Vogue Knitting Fall 2005 issue. I've finished the ribbing for the back and haven't worked on it since Sunday.

So, did I mention that my Secret Pal is absolutely fabulous? Cause she is! She got real Grecian items sent to her for me! Cause I've always wanted to go to Greece! Isn't that amazing? I got postcards, a key chain, lavender soap, and perfume, lotion and body wash in a fragrance called Greek Waters! And it came all the way from Greece!

SP Gift

I don't normally get political here, but Tuesday was the UN day of solidarity with the Palestinian people, and I went to an event put on by CEPAL. I was quite impressed by the program they run in the refugee camps in Lebanon (they send teachers for the summer to provide English instruction and other activities).


secret pal! said...

I'm glad you liked the latest package! There will be one more coming for the big reveal!

J. said...

Hey guess what got put on my finger today...

what are you up to next Saturday, maybe we can get together.

The sweater looks great finished and I jealous of all your new treats