Saturday, January 14, 2006

Knitting spot

Oh right, and when I was talking about not being deserving of participating in SP7, did I also forget to mention that I just sent my last package to my spoilee, Mel? Yeah, its only a month late. Anyway, I have a short photo essay about the making of her gift, but I'll wait until she gets it to post that.

knitting spot

So, I've seen this meme around, and thought I'd throw mine out there. The couch is really the only comfortable seating option in my apartment, so that's where I knit. I have to use one of the plastic chairs when I want to spin or read blogs. Please note that it isn't always this clean (see pictures that follow, which are mostly for my mom, who complained that she didn't know what my place looks like. She'll notice that I haven't gotten any neater.)

view to left

front view

view to right


JoVE said...

I strongly recommend investing in a couple of good chairs for typing and spinning and whatnot, particularly since you have issues with your back from time to time. But the apartment looks great. and tidiness is overrated.

Anonymous said...


Hi, I was just browsing through blogs and saw yours. The name is actually kind of misleading--I thought you were going to knit stuff for actual kittens. :)

Anyway, if you're into jazz, alternative rock, photography, or wallclimbing, hit me back. My blog is at



Heather said...

Hey :) Just wanted to make sure which Knit and Tonic pattern you wanted. I'm going to be buying it as soon as I hear back. Gimme a shout via email (heather AT maevan DOT com). It's the stripey one, right?

Mel said...

Hi Tara,

I received your package! Thank you so much. The yarn is GORGEOUS. I love the colors of both yarns, and I can't wait to read up on how to knit socks!!

You rock!