Sunday, January 29, 2006

under the weather

I haven't been feeling spectacular for a couple of days now. Nothing specific, just headachy and sore. And everything seems to take more effort than it really should. So, I've been sticking close to home and finishing things up. (Although not entirely. I worked out this morning, just walking. I probably overdid it, since I already wasn't feeling well. My reaction to not being able to pay for all of my items at the postal counter at the Bay was entirely out of proportion. When I'm overtired, sometimes my inner two-year-old gets away from me.) I finished my tivoli T and my 'peas and carrots' socks (pictures to come).

I did want to write a quick post about my sock angel socks. I made these for someone from the Sockapal2za exchange whose sock pal didn't come through. These socks have caused me a lot of grief. I sincerely hope they fit her. I had measured out the gauge and they should fit, but then I keep reading different opinions from people on the amount of negative ease needed for socks. That, and stockinette socks always look big because I'm used to seeing socks that stretch more. Anyway, here they are.


Project Specs:
Yarn: Lana Grossa Mega Boots Stretch, colour 707
Pattern: basic short row toe, short row heel, stockinette, with a picot bind off
10 stitches/inch


Lissa said...

I'm sorry to hear you're not feeling well. Unfortunately, although I apsired to be able to come knitting this week, I'm apparently not able to, I'm sorry. :/

alison said...

The socks look terrific! I always make stockinette socks and they do look big, but they always fit me. And not everyone likes super-tight socks, so I wouldn't worry about the negative ease thing. They'll be great!

Thanks so much for being a sock savior! :)

Laura said...

Very nice! I like the colors, and those short-row heels and toes look incredible.

TraciSue said...

Hi Tara, :)

I received the beautiful socks you made and I must say, the picture does not do them justice.

It is hard to really see the subtle blue and red coloring. They are simply georgeous.

I finished yours the day I received mine and they will be in the mail tommorow.

I really want to say more than anything thanks for being my real sock pal. You made my month. :)