Sunday, May 28, 2006


I was doing so well with the posting, and then I fell of the face of the earth again. Actually, the problem is that I never get home until 9ish on weeknights, and I had an intense bout of lethargy last weekend, which resulted in my not leaving the house or doing anything else for two days. It's actually a sad waste of a weekend, but sometimes there's nothing to be done.

The other reason for my lack of posting is my lack of knitting. I've been working on some Mega Boots Stretch socks, which need to be frogged (too small, although I'm toying with the thought of turning it into a pair of fingerless gloves). And Jamesay will still be another 10 inches of ribbing, and I'm finding it difficult to work up the enthusiasm. I feel the need to knit something in pieces, so that I can have different things on different sides (if that made any sense at all).

So, its hot here today. I finally set up the fans I bought a few weeks ago in preparation for this weekend. The cat doesn’t like them, but hopefully they will help me be slightly more comfortable this summer than last. I wonder if a dehumidifier would help even more, as feeling mildly damp all the time makes the heat even harder to bear. Actually, given the orientation and size of the windows in my apartment, I’m thinking not. (I actually installed the blind and the curtain rod in the bedroom today. Now I just need to get curtain rods up in the living room before my parents show up in July. And the saddest part is that I've lived here for 9 months!)

I ran in the 5K race for the Ottawa Race Weekend on Saturday. According to the official results, I finished in 33:35, and I came in 2576th place (out of more than 6500). It was definitely a learning experience. Next time I’ll start much nearer to the front, cause I was frustrated trying to get around the many walkers for the first half (after that, it was slightly more spread out). They were very well organized for the number of people, though.

Soon to come, a draft about socks...

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knittyknatty said...

Hi Tara, I was just catching up on your blog...Congratulations on the race! I miss running so much, I have knee problems so I can't run anymore. My apartment is really hot too, I just bought an air conditioner. I was thinking of going to Spins 'n Needles this month, if you want to go...