Friday, June 29, 2007

The world goes round...

My cat presides over the deck, and is a tyrant if we don't let her outside. The boy still resists her dominance, but she is slowly wearing him down.

Our little garden is exploding! We have tons of lettuce, basil, mint and Vietnamese coriander. We've eaten our first pepper, and the other peppers and tomatoes are coming along nicely. We should have a ripe tomato within days!

It's almost done (my Gatsby Girl sweater, in progress since September)! All I have left is to sew the arms to the body and crochet around the neck hole. I've even woven in all the ends already! I put a big push on to get it done so I work on something else (more summery) during my time off this summer.

And lastly, mostly for posterity, I took a picture of this really cool sweater a friend of mine has. I think I'll keep it for inspiration and see if I can do something similar...

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