Tuesday, July 15, 2008

View of Turkey...

...from the Airport.

Starbucks are pretty much the same, all over the world.

I thought this was a novel idea! It's a charging station for cell phones. You pay a fee to lock your cell phone up in a secure box with the appropriate phone charger. I think it would be very popular here, because people are so dependent on their cell phones.

However, I couldn't quite figure out what this sign was all about. Any ideas? (It's above the toilet in a public bathroom.)

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Shan said...

Hmm...I saw a toilet recently that had two flush buttons, one for "liquid", dispensing, say, .9 liters, and one for "solid", dispensing 4 liters. Or something like that. Maybe on this toilet of yours, pushing the flush button twice makes it flush less water? But that would be crazy, right?