Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Mission Possible 2008 Update

Umm, let's just say that this wasn't my best effort...

1. long socks in Mountain Colours Barefoot, stalled a year ago by the loss of a needle (finish ribbing on two socks) I still need to redo the bind-off on one sock!
2. Souvenir Scarf (graft two pieces together, block) I haven't touched this yet...
3. Baby surprise jacket (purchased yarn for several, need to make at least one) finished!
4. Icarus Shawl finished
5. Samus cardigan (rework to fit me or gift) Still waiting
6. my own scarf finished!
7. Gatsby Girl (sew arms to body, crochet neck edging, add buttons) hopefully in time to wear in March! finished! on time too!
8. Colourwork Vest (finish or frog) no progress
9. baby blanket and the box of grandma's acrylic (?) no progress
10. make a top that fits from some of my extensive bamboo yarn collection I started a Stargazer, but didn't get far...
11. finish spinning the orange roving from Rhinebeck 2005 and knit something from it no progress
12. catalog and organise stash!

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Shan said...

Isn't it stupid how long a year is, when there is really so little time in it? If I had posted a goal list for 2008 I'd be eating humble pie right about now...luckily it was just a mental queue so no one knows how little I got done.