Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Day 7&8: Recycled Fashion #30daysofcreativity

It's not very fashionable yet, cause it's still a work in progress, but it looks better on me than the original. It's based on this tutorial. I am improvising the shoulders with shoelaces, but am thinking that ribbon is the way to go. Also, I plan to use some tucks to add some shaping to the body, so it doesn't look like I'm wearing a sack.

I've learned a few things from this project. I can't cut a straight line to save my life. Particularly when cutting on fabric that hasn't been ironed. So, I need a pressing surface. But, I'm learning about my sewing machine, and I may now actually do something with the material I've been moving around for years!

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knittyknatty said...

Try cutting your fabric on a flat, hard surface, such as a table, or, in a pinch, I've cut fabric on the floor. It's good to have fabric scissors, too, that you don't use for anything else besides cutting fabric.