Thursday, November 30, 2006


shaved belly

A fun picture of Suki showing off her shaved belly and her scar from the surgery. She's back to "what are you doing here" when I spend too much time at home.

There is going to be an event in the Great Hall at the Museum of Civilization with knitters! I'm going to be hanging out with a bunch of lovely ladies and showing off some of my work!

Unleashing the Knitters:

So there's this guy who's doing a panel at the MLA, and he's checking to see how a meme or, depending on how you look at it, a chain letter, moves through the blogosphere.  We knitters have a rather populous corner of the blogosphere, and one that I think routinely buffaloes those who attempt to study blogs and blogging.  Who are all these knitters and what do they want?  (Wool.)  If blogging is concerned with social change, what the hell are all these people doing talking about yarn? (We'll get back to you when the plans for world domination are available in pdf format.)

Anyway, Jody explains it all in a way that is far more interesting and complete than I have the patience for, but do please play.  All you need to do is mention and link to the project, ask others to participate, and then ping technocrati.  Let's show the MLA a little knitting mojo, eh?

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