Tuesday, December 05, 2006


So, this is entirely non-knitting related, so if that's what you're hear for, you'll be sadly disappointed.

So, I've booked my flight home for Christmas, and I'll be gone from December 22 to January 2. I wasn't terribly concerned about not being here for New Year's Eve (NYE) since I've never done anything special for NYE before. Then, ideas started circulating for fun plans for NYE that involve dressing up and everything. I would dearly love to wear a great dress for something special like NYE with the boy, so I started looking into changing my flight.

Everyone I've talked to about this is supportive of me changing my flight (even though its money I don't really need to spend) except the boy. (Please note, I haven't mentioned the plan to my parents, as I don't think they'll be enthused either.) He keeps telling me I should use the time to visit my family (especially since I'll be leaving the country for an extended period at some point, probably this year). So, what do I do? If I change my flight, I'll be missing one full day with my extended family, and a day in the car with my immediate family. If I don't change my flight, I'll end up spending NYE playing board games with my cousins (which isn't bad, it just pales in comparison to other options). Advice?

Edited to add: I just read this over at Jo's

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My advice to you is to buy some cute boy a condo.