Monday, May 28, 2007

dummy party

I thought I should fill everyone in on the "Duct-tape Dummy" party at my house a couple of weeks ago. I had a few friends over from the Ottawa Knitting Group to make body doubles to help with the fitting of knitted items (or other sewing, in my case). Only Katrina and Leanne and I were wrapped, but Kit and Ginger also stopped by to knit for a while.



We learned from this experience that it really did take two sets of hands to effectively wrap and tape each person. It could be done with one person, but not as quickly or easily.

I went out on Saturday to the Great Glebe Garage Sale, and found a great faux 20's lamp that I've now restructured to work as a stand for my dummy. I now need to use cardboard to make a skeleton inside my dummy and stuff it so that it will maintain its shape. I'm also looking into some sort of spray hardener to see if I can give it even more support.

I have pictures of Leanne too, but I think I'll wait for her to post them herself.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Tara!
I was thinking of you when I saw people carrying lamps down the street on Saturday. Glad you found something!
I did find a pot, after quite a search - $2.00!
It is aluminum - not stainless or enamel - as recommended by most of the online sources. I used it yesterday, and it worked! I really don't know what's not to work...

Linda B.