Thursday, May 10, 2007


Originally uploaded by knitter_tara.

Look! I have a dummy!


Leanne said...

I have a dummy too! Funny that :-)

Thanks again for hosting the dummy party!

gledwood said...

You're a very crafty person. A lot of my female friends can do knitting stuff, but to me it's just a glorified way of tying a not. (Correction: someone once tried to show me how to do it and all I knitted was a giant knot!!) Great blog you've got here! Found you purely at random by clicking on that next blog button. My blog's called gledwood2.blogspot - that's my online journal, if you want to drop by. See you there, maybe. But meanwhile keep up the great blog you've got here! Take it easy and all ...
All the best
Gledwood ("vol 2") ...