Thursday, May 24, 2007


So, I heard about this great contest over at the Knitting Maevan, and I just had to enter (it fits so well with my goals). So, here goes:

Knitting (and other crafting) Goals

  • Finish the Gatsby Girl! (I've been working on it since September 2006, and I really love this sweater. Blatantly ignoring the fact that its long past the weather when a wool/cashmere blend sweater is appropriate.)

  • Find patterns to knit for Sudan (Did I Mention I'm moving to Sudan this summer?)
      Project requirements include:
    • light-weight garments suitable to extremely hot weather,
    • natural fabrics that will breath well,
    • sleeves must reach elbows,
    • no low cut necklines, and
    • the body must be long enough to hit my hip. (NB: I can adjust some aspects of a pattern to meet these requirements, but I'm not willing to adjust lots - in that case I could just write a pattern, and that's more effort than I have available right now.

  • Knit my Sockapalooza 4 socks (That's right, I didn't have enough going on with moving continents this summer, I thought adding a knitting deadline in there would be good. I haven't picked a yarn or a pattern yet, but I'll let you know when I do.

  • Finish stuffing and building/finding a stand for my body double. I have high hopes of using her to show off my knitted items (in my living room) I can no longer wear due to extreme temperatures in Sudan

  • Dig out the sewing machine and actually make some tops for myself. Its just as difficult to find summer tops that meet the above pattern requirements as it is to find knitting patterns - especially tops that don't then make me feel like I'm pregnant

  • Knit at least one shrug/sweater that I will be able to wear in Sudan

Whew! So, that seems like a lot, especially with all the non-knitting things going on. However, even if I don't accomplish it all, it is good to set goals. I guess we'll see!

Edited to Add: I'm trying to make the Sockapalooza 4 button work on my sidebar. It's not there yet, but there's only so much I can do in a night.

Also: I have discovered the joy that is bloglines, after foolishly resisting for so long! A few annoying features (the 'mark all as read' function seems to operate randomly on me, which is almost never what I'm trying to do) but makes life soooo much easier!

And finally, a pretty picture for visual interest.

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