Thursday, August 30, 2007


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I have arrived!

The cat was decidedly less excited to get back into her carrier this morning, and there was much bad language as I pushed her in. I made it to the airport and away we went.

Now I'm at the hotel for a couple of days, at least until my furniture arrives. The cat has taken over a spot on a chair, and we're (hopefully) making do with a metal pan full of shredded newspaper until I can get hold of a more permanent option. And I'm sitting here watching High Fidelity on MBC2, which is my favourite channel on tv here. It plays movies pretty much constantly, with subtitles, so I still get to watch the original English.

Anyway, that's all for now.

The yarn above is from La Bobineuse de Laine in Montreal, from the Montreal yarn crawl early in August. The store is an odd concept, where you pick fine threads in multiple colours, and they use these crazy machines to put them all onto the same cone. This one is 100% cotton, and was $8 a pound. I have about a pound here.


Leanne said...

Glad you arrived safely! I'm sure your kitty will stop hating you before it's time to come back :-)

Wells said...

Hi Tara! Glad to hear you are safe and sound. I'll now be watching the news from Khartum/Sudan more carefully.

Linda B.

Knittyknatty said...

LOL about the curses shoving Suki into her carrier.