Saturday, February 23, 2008



I finally finished my Gatsby Girl! It only took a few hours to seam the sleeves to the body and do the crochet and buttons at the neck edge, and it looks very good! I do think its a little short in the body, so I'm thinking about picking out the cast on edge and adding an inch or two. I have the extra yarn. However, that's a lot of work, so I think I'll wear it a few times!


I also thought I'd get around to posting pictures of a few other things. This is a little vest knit in Handmaiden Stretto! I knit it in one piece from the back, over the shoulders and down the front again. I knit the front a bit longer than the back, and then made them match up by gathering the side seam around the chest area. I quite like it, but you know, its a bit hot here for wearing.


Here's the scarf I was making with my last skein of Noro Kureyon and some Wool of the Andes. It will match the mitts I made with the first skein of Noro (although I think they're in storage, so it will be a few years before I get to wear them together). I will be wearing this in the snows of Canada in only a few days.


And, since I realised that I had never posted a picture of it, this is my finished Olympic sweater!

All project details are on Ravelry!

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Shan said...

WOW Tara that Gatsby Girl looks amazing on you!

And you're coming back to Canada for a bit?

I'll look you up on Ravelry...I'm Challoner.