Wednesday, December 05, 2007

And now its gone...

I have been knitting, and here's the proof:


I started working on a sock in some Lorna's Laces a while ago to deal with some long stretches in the car on a road trip (to the pyramids, which I still haven't posted about...) I love the colours in the ball, but the foot really wasn't working for me.


I don't know what it is, but I pretty much always have a striping effect when I'm using multicolour yarn. And I really don't like how it was working up.


The colour combination on the heel is much better.


So, I switched up the stitch pattern on the leg. (Its a simple, alternating slip stitch pattern.) Much better! Unfortunately, after ripping back once to lengthen the foot a bit, it is still too small. What I think they could really use is a slightly larger needle (I was using 2mm), but I didn't have one with me (since been found, and added to my Ravelry needle count). Frogging ensued, and I now have nothing more than a toe. Its not like I need them any time soon, so I will just keep working on them.

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