Friday, December 28, 2007

So, apparently the knitting revolution hasn't hit Jordan yet...

Overheard at the Mecca Mall in Amman: "Heeyaka, wow!" (Literal translation: "Knitting, wow!") I was working on my neck warmer in Rowan Cocoon while drinking some exquisite drinking chocolate at the Cioconat Lounge before engaging in a little retail therapy. This was my last day in Jordan on a little break over the holidays.

There's actually not that much to report, as I didn't do a lot other than reading and sleeping. Very little knitting happened, along with some visiting, walking and that's about it.


Here I am, wearing a sweater! (Which, hasn't happened since I was in Canada in October, since Khartoum is still reaching 30 degrees most days.)


And here I am, on a very short day trip to Petra, wearing a sweater, jacket and scarf! (I'm sorry for the crazy contrast, but I couldn't figure out how to tone down my pasty white face. Yes, I am doing well with the hat and the sunscreen, why do you ask?)


And finally, the famous rose rock of Petra.

Good night!

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mamacate said...

Petra, how cool is that. If you ever find yourself in Doha, let me know and I'll try to get you connected with the baby spinner I minted last year, age 13, iirc. She'll probably be ready for help with plying by now... ;)

Merry everything, and happy new year!