Friday, December 07, 2007


Friday is the general holiday in Northern Sudan, and in an effort to actually have a life outside of work, I try not to work today. It doesn't always work, and if I'm really lucky, I get Saturday too, but generally Fridays are my day to relax. I actually sleep in as long as I want (except when I get an emergency phone call from someone who's flying in on Monday and doesn't have their visa yet and wants to know if you can do something) and then laze around. I make a huge bowl of latte with my stovetop espresso maker and milk frother and read, watch movies or whatever.

This morning, I dumped out bin #1 of my stash
and photographed it (with excellent assistance from Ms. Spooky)
for ravelry. Now, as I sit in the living room uploading photos to flickr on wireless internet, I'm watching Fight Club on dvd and watching the planes land (the airport is right in the middle of the city, and my place is kind of loud because of it. But, its mine.)

Later today, I am apparently going on a bit of a tour around town. We'll see what they decide to show us. And tonight, there's a low-key do at a colleagues house. So, its pretty normal, except the traffic, the dust, the heat... I'll leave it at that.


Amy said...

What a lovely-sounding day!

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