Friday, December 21, 2007

Brain Dump

OK, first things first, the cards are in the mail (if you sent me your address (I'm looking at you, Sarah! :)) I know they will be late for actual Christmas, but, you know, it happens.

While this may not be that exciting, I need to gather together all of the little links and ideas that I've got floating around.

- I like the idea of these little slippers. In the almost complete absence of wearing knit items in my life right now, these are one thing I might actually use! They would protect my feet from the incredible dust everywhere (and clean the floor for me at the same time.) I can't find the location of the mods for larger feet (should be somewhere here) but will edit this when I do.

- Very cute pattern (as I recall, since my internet is slow and I can't open the links right now)

- I love this! I can't believe I missed it before, but I'm sure I've earned a couple of badges (to be added to the blog on a day with a slightly faster internet connection, which is never Friday)

- Funniest thing I've seen in a while! I wonder if I can get a Canadian politician sometime soon? And I wonder what Mr. Harper's response would be?

- The new Knitty is out! My first favourites are dahlia, square cake & stardust, partly because they are two of the things I could get some use out of here. But there are definitely tonnes of nice accessories. Which I'll get right to making as soon as I have any conceivable need! ;)

- I saw a pattern for a large weekend back with black and white tapestry pattern, knit if wool and felted, but I forgot to write down the URL. This is my reminder to look for the pattern when I get a minute.

- Another very fun pattern!

- And a few interesting websites I wanted to keep handy!

I don't know how much of a chance I'll get to post over the next week or so. I'm cooking a turkey for 15 guests tonight, I'll have to go to work tomorrow to wrap up loose ends, and then I'm off for a change of scenery for a few days over Christmas. But, I have tonnes of pictures and random stuff, so if I find an internet connection, it could be good. Anyway, Happy Holidays to all, whatever you may celebrate!


Leanne said...

Where are you off to over Christmas? Where ever it is, I wish you a good one :-)

Loved the link to Stringativity. You could certainly try it, but I don't know that I'd want the harpy that close to my knitting!

Katrina W. said...

Happy Holidays to you too, Tara!