Sunday, August 14, 2005

I'm ba-ack...

Sorry for the lack of posting. I decided that my blog reading/posting at work was getting out of hand, and I decided to stop (for my productivity, as well as my job security). I just got a computer for home, so I can now post again. Which is exciting since I'm hoping to join SP6! Hopefully I will be able to get a digital camera by then too, so I can actually take pictures of my projects.

I should update on my WIPs, I guess. I have just casted on for my seconde Sockapal2za sock, and they are coming along nicely. I am yousing Kroy Socks Orangina for the toe, heel and cuffs and Kroy Socks Paintbox for the rest. The cuff is cabled and the heel is an afterthought kind, so it can be replaced if it wears out. I have had a lot of trouble with these socks since it's the first time I've made socks for someone else, and I'm having fit issues. I'm so concerned about them being too big that I keep trying to end too soon. I seem to have got the measurements right for the first one, so it should be good now.

I have been knitting a sweater for my sister for ages, and I just bound of the arms (knit flat at the same time). Nothing left but the seaming, and knitting a kangaroo style pocket if I have time before October. Other things to finish before October include a mitred-square baby blanket for my cousin and Sophie bags to be included in Christmas presents, as I won't be home at Christmas. I'm hoping to deliver everything in October so I don't have to ship it. And, maybe a present for my (other) cousin for her wedding, if I can think of something suitable. I think that's everything that I'm actively working on right now.

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