Thursday, August 25, 2005


So, nobody tagged me, but I thought this might be an interesting post, so here goes... I stole it from Elisa.

10 years ago... it was 1995 and I would have been starting grade 10. I would have been 14, as my birthday isn’t until later. I had been dating my boyfriend for a year (2?) at this point. Hmmm… apparently the life of a 14 year-old is not that exciting, as nothing else pops out at me.

5 years ago... it was 2000, and I was doing a co-op term for university at a small tech startup called Apps On The Web (I just looked them up, apparently they still exist, but not as I knew them). I was getting ready to start year 3 (of 5.5) at university.

1 year ago... I was moving multiple times. I had been working for an NGO in Jericho, Palestine, then returned to Alberta for 2 weeks for my sister’s wedding, then moved to Ottawa to start language training for my new job.

Yesterday… I worked all day, did some cleaning for the impending move, blogged while watching So You Think You Can Dance (this is my idea of a reality show, as I love all things dance related) and knit (another square for the baby blanket, and some more rounds on a modified Sophie).

Today... Work, and then I have my second last soccer game of the season. I don’t usually manage to accomplish anything after soccer, so that’s about it.

Tomorrow… More work and more moving… it’s Friday, so the moving can start in earnest.

5 snacks I enjoy... I’m pretty random in my snacking… I like sweet things (ice cream, baked goods (mmm, muffins), chocolate (especially Lindt Lindor milk chocolate) and gummy candies) and salty things (cheese, pickles, chips, pretzels), but I don’t snack on anything regularly. When I do snack, I always prefer a little bit of the real thing over a lot of a reduced fat/calorie version.

5 bands/singers that I like... I’m really bad about music… I like listening to it, but I don’t often buy cds or choose the music I’m listening to… that means a lot of radio, and only knowing the popular songs, and not knowing who sings what. Honestly, I like so many different things, I would spend a fortune on cds if I bought them all, so I just stick to buying yarn.

Things I would do with $100,000,000... Pay off my debt, buy a house/condo or two (one in Alberta, near my family… I talked to my parents last night, and I really miss being there for daily life), travel the world (extensively), donate to charity, give to family and friends, and invest a lot so that I could only work at things I want to.

5 locations I'd like to run away to... Sub-Saharan Africa, India/Pakistan, Vietnam/Thailand/Cambodia, Italy/Greece/the Mediterranean/North Africa, Latin America… these are actually regions, see above (and yes, I am aware that this covers the majority of the world).

5 bad habits I have.... I procrastinate… a lot…, I’m messy, I’m overly critical… those are the only ones I can think of. I’m actually really bad at forming habits, especially good ones. I can go to the gym every day for months, and if I skip one day, all of that habit-building work is gone, and I never go again (true example).

5 things I like doing... Spending time with family and friends, knitting, reading, shopping (if I’m in the mood), cooking.

5 things I would never wear... tapered pants, stirrup pants, shoulder pads, pleated front jeans, anything horribly oversized. That’s not to say that I haven’t worn these things, but that I will now not wear them again.

5 TV shows I like... teen shows (Gilmore Girls, Veronica Mars, Instant Star, the OC) cop shows (Law & Order, CSI, Cold Case), and some CanCon (Canadian Content: Robson Arms, Corner Gas). (my options are limited, I only have one channel… and it doesn’t have Gilmore Girls or the OC. I only put them down because I used to watch. However, this has shown me that I probably watch too much TV even with my limited options. And that I like to use parentheses too much.)

5 Movies I like.... Fight Club, The Big Lebowski, Dirty Dancing, The Princess Bride, and I have a startling affection for most teen movies (e.g. Mean Girls, Josie and the Pussycats, 10 Things I Hate About You etc. This is also often reflected in my TV viewing habits.)

5 famous people I'd like to meet... As a kid, I was always more interested in the characters in shows than in the actors that played them. I would always daydream about being a character in the show (not an actor playing a character, just someone from that environment). I think I still have that ability to really like a character and still realize that I know nothing about the person playing the character. However, these people always seemed kinda cool to me: Natalie Portman, Julia Stiles, Seth Green, Albert Einstein and Susan Sarandon. Before, I would have added Katie Holmes, but not so much anymore.

5 biggest joys of the moment... No humidity (and thus cool sleeping weather at night), my birthday coming up (yay quarter century!), upcoming wedding of my cousin, where I will see most of my extended family, moving to a new place (this is a mixed blessing), and living on my own for the first time.

5 favorite toys... my laptop, my minidisk player, my camera (although I haven’t used it much lately), my Denise needle set, my cat (that doesn’t quite seem right, but it’s true)

And, since I don't have any pictures of knitting, I thought I'd include interesting pictures from my last trip...

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