Thursday, September 01, 2005


I’m writing up a quick post at work, because otherwise it would be at least another week before I managed to post. (And a quick break to share some baklava with my office mates. I really needed a sugar rush.) And even though I don’t think anyone reads my blog, I’d like to keep myself in the habit of posting regularly.

So, I’m tired today (and generally unmotivated). I moved on Sunday, and my new place still looks like it has exploded. (Even though it’s a new apartment in the same building, it was a lot of work!) I’ve been at work late every day this week, so I haven’t gotten a lot of unpacking done. And almost no knitting. I have been knitting my sockapal2za socks on the bus to and from work, but the toes require more attention than I can provide, so I decided to work a bit last night when I got sick of unpacking. I was going along nicely until I dropped a number of stitches which I couldn’t rescue (they were all of my decreases on one side, and I’m not that talented with a crochet hook yet) so I frogged several rows. By the time I picked up all of the stitches, it was bed time.

And, on top of not having a lot of time to unpack this week, I am going away this weekend. A few friends and I are renting a car and driving to Connecticut. There will be a few days in New York City, and then a long, leisurely drive home on Monday. And, since it would cost too much to add me as a driver for the rental car, I will have lots of knitting time! Since I’m going with non-knitters, I will only be able to hit one or two yarn stores, but it will be nice to see all of the yarns we don’t normally get in Canada. This trip is going to be a birthday present to myself, since I don’t really have the money for it. You only turn 25 once, though, right?

And, while we only got a half day of rain here in Ottawa out of Katrina, lots of people are suffering, so if you want to make a donation to the Red Cross to help those affected, let them know here and you may win a prize!

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