Saturday, September 10, 2005

A Day Late…

All right, so it’s not Friday right now. As always, life is crazy, but I have some time to do up a good post right now.

So, I’m noticing things about myself. Number one right now is that I can be incredibly impatient! My birthday is approaching (the days are flying right by right now). My mother, being the plan ahead type, knowing that she hates paying to mail parcels, gave me my birthday present when I was in Alberta at the end of July. With the understanding that I wouldn’t open it until my birthday!

So, I’ve had my birthday present sitting in my house for the past month, and I haven’t been able to open it. And it’s driving me crazy! Until the crazy move, it was hidden in the second bedroom closet, which was passable, although I still thought about it from time to time. Since the move, its sitting right inside my bedroom door, because I don’t want it to get lost in the crush of stuff. (Really. I have piles of stuff waist deep covering the majority of my bedroom floor. Thank goodness this apartment is actually bigger than the last one.) Every time I see it sitting there, I really want to open it. There’s no earthly reason my mom would know if I opened it early, but I love surprises on birthdays! One year, I found, opened and re-closed all of my presents before my birthday, and I know there’s just no replacement for opening a cool package on the big day.

So, since we’re talking about my birthday, I’m thinking of celebrating by hosting a Birthday/House-warming potluck brunch on the Sunday before. The real questions are, how many people would come, will they all fit in my living room, and can I make my house presentable before they all arrive (next weekend)? I’ve actually already made significant progress in the unpacking and rearranging this morning, and I still have tonight and all day tomorrow (and Saturday next week, if it comes to that). So, I think I will print up invites at school on Monday (I’m in training for a week, which should be a nice break from work) and give those out. Once I’ve invited people, I kind of have to go through with it, don’t I?

In knitting news, I’ve been out every night this week, as well as working a lot, so I haven’t gotten a lot done. I just bought a skein of mohair to do my sister’s bag for Christmas. I’ve also finished a prototype for the kangaroo pocket for her sweater, but it needs to be frogged. At least I learned a lot from the first attempt. I’m also working on a think wool sweater (from White Buffalo, in a pale teal colour) and a pair of hand warmers. I’ve started to feel a chill in the air, so I thought I’d add to my outerwear wardrobe. That and the socks didn’t fit over my heel, but they fit my wrists nicely.

All right, and now a random picture. This is my cousin’s daughter (not quite my niece?), wearing a hat I knit for her. It’s the first had I made that fit anyone, sort of by accident. I learned to make up patterns by watching other knitters long before I learned to read on, but it did take a lot of trial and error.

happy monkey

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J. said...

Adorable kid, great hat. I found you randomly by searcing for Ottawa knitting blogs and i noticed that you have SnB that you attend. I just arrived back in Ottawa from 18 months away and am looking for folks to knit with. Drop me a comment on my blog or email me, the address is in my profile.
happy knitting and happy birthday