Sunday, September 25, 2005


Just a quick run through some things I've been meaning to mention.

First, I also got a Knit Pixie gift certificate from my Secret Pal. I'm having so much fun browsing through their catalogue trying to decide how to spend my loot.

In other news, my sock pal, Kat finally got my package!

Finally, I found a ride and a room for Rhinebeck. It would be a crazy trip, but I'm so tempted. Now I have to see if I can get time off work.


Heather said...

Yay being able to go to Rhineback! I'm glad it ended up working out :)

kat said...


Thanks again for the socks. They're awesome. I wore them all weekend (well except for the soccer game and bike ride bits). Have fun at Rhinebeck.

Lissa said...

Hi Tara! I'm flattered you've linked me :) And congrats on Rhinebeck...