Sunday, October 07, 2007

Home again

Hi all! I'm home, hanging out in Ottawa for a little while, while I try to recover from my first month (and a bit) at post. For those who haven't been following along, I moved to Sudan for work at the end of August. And it has been a busy. I was covering for my boss and a colleague for a long while (and there are only 4 people in our office!), and customs is taking its time letting my stuff into the country, so I've been living out of two suitcases for at least 6 weeks. Then, there was a car accident (my out-of-town colleague had kindly agreed to let me use his car, and a bus ran into me!). I'm fine and walking around, but somewhat shaken, and my back is out of alignment. I tried to find treatment in Sudan, but haven't been successful. All in all, a crazy time. So, when some holidays came up, I decided to combine them with some vacation time to come home, rest and see if I couldn't do something about my back. I was only going to take a week (which was just over 10 days with vacation added on), but then, I realized some dear friends of mine (and others, I just don't know exactly who) were going to Rhinebeck! I decided randomly to come along, which uses up most of the rest of my vacation, but will be so much fun! (I don't have a family not living with me, so I likely won't be able to travel at Christmas anyway...)

So, I've been thinking about buying a wheel. I will be seeing the enabler extraordinaire, so I may ask some advice, and take the chance to try some out. I spin on a spindle at the moment, but generally find it too slow (and my arms too short, but that's another thing). And with my current back issues requiring frequent changes in activity, it might be nice to have around the house.

So, I will be at the knitting meetups at the 3rd Ave Bridgehead on Oct. 10 (called especially by me) and Oct. 17 this month! See you there!

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