Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year

I've actually been thinking quite a while about this New Year's Day post. I don't usually make resolutions, as I do amazingly well at breaking the tiniest goal I set for myself. It almost seems counterproductive to make resolutions when that's almost a sure way to get me to break them.

But, this year, I most definitely have things I want to strive for, and I think I would like to use the blog to motivate myself. Its not like I'm doing that much knitting these days, so this will be something else to write about.

So, I've been planning a post for New Year's, and I've got it sketched out in my head. Then, life got crazy. As its known to do. And I haven't had enough sleep, and I'm working today. So, the post may have to wait a bit. But, I'm excited to report that I still made time to wash my face, and enjoy a latte while working this morning, which feeds nicely into those soon-to-be announced resolutions!

My best to you and yours for the new year!


Katrina W. said...

Happy New Year, Tara! I've made some New Year's resolutions, and this year, I'm determined to stick to them--here they are: 1. clean my cat's litter box more often.
2. wear my night guard every night (I grind my teeth). 3. follow my budget more closely.
Oh, I see you've got some badges up, cool!

Queen of the froggers said...

Happy new year and thank you for the nice comment on my blog!