Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Not meant to be

So, this is needle number three of ten from the two sets of Brittany Birch needles:


See it, there on the right side? Thankfully they were sets of five. I have two (different) projects, each on three needles, and I'm sharing the last needle between them. Hopefully it will hold until I can order some more needles that don't break when I throw them into my purse (because that's how my socks are most often transported)!

Actually, I'm not at all happy with the knitting that's on them either!


You can see the beginning of pooling here, and it only gets worse farther on (yes, I've actually knit quite a bit more, even though I know it will be frogged because its the only portable project I have right now...)

After frogging tries one and two of a sock on 2mm needles with this yarn (Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock, have probably forever lost the colourway to my crazy cleaner who likes to throw everything out... although I admit that yarn labels, either on the table or possibly the floor because of the cat and/or fan do look a bit like garbage), I tried a pair of 2.25mm needles I received from my grandma's needle stash, but the stainless steel(!) smelled bad. I found the Brittany needles, and started on them, but my gauge is incredibly loose on these things (largely because I'm holding them gently since they're pretty fragile)! I was too large for my foot with 60 stitches, and I felt that the fabric was too loose to be good for a sock anyway.

So, I decided to make fingerless gloves, with a girly ruffle at the end, with the slip stitch pattern I'd devised for the first incarnation of the sock.

But, its not helping. To the frogpond they go!


We have a holiday tomorrow (it's Muslim New Year!), so I'm going to use the time to finish organizing my stash (which is all hanging out in the living room right now - I estimate this is 3 (maybe 3.5) large tubs once organised) since my roommate gets back tomorrow night, and continue organising my office so I can eventually work in there.

I'll close with a picture of my charming cat!
Doesn't she look thrilled? I was trying to take a picture of her without flash (as it's the only way to photograph open eyes) but she moves so much this is one of the few clear ones... Good thing I have a digital camera! (you can see an almost FO in the left corner... next time)

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Shan said...

Hey, nice cat - is she a Sudanese cat or a Canadian cat?