Wednesday, January 23, 2008



Squares knit for J's blanket project. Individual pictures on my flicker page (yes, I know only two of them actually have a heart motif, but the pinky-purply-yellow seemed appropriate, for some reason).

They're in a colleague's suitcase on their way back to Canada right now. As of Monday, they'll be in the mail on their way to J. I actually have one more on the needles, but I don't see much chance as far as getting it back by the deadline... As you can see, one was sent with the ends not woven in.

I'm most curious to see how the felted one works, if at all. It was a felted swatch that I cut up, just to see. However, I realized just before I sent it that it is not actually square (measuring 5" by 5 1/4"). Sorry J! The other ones are also only square-like, but they are much closer to the 5 by 5" measurements.

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