Thursday, January 10, 2008



Voila! I super quick knit, this is my new neck warmer knit in Rowan Cocoon. I started it over Christmas, and after a few times ripping to figure out the shaping, it's (almost) done!


All I have left to do is find some buttons and sew them on to keep it in place. When I'm done cleaning out the office, I'll see what I have, but I may have to order something.


On-going work on the linen cardigan. I'm actually blocking things in the photo here, just to see how things are going. I need to reknit the sleeve cap, but things look good otherwise. Only two more pieces to go, and some seaming, and I can actually wear this.


Slip-stitch edging on the body.


A close-up of the sleeve fabric, knit on 5mm needles for a more open quality.

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