Sunday, October 16, 2005


Well, the adventure started about 10 am on Friday morning with Justine, her partner, Patrick, Jo and her daughter arriving at my place to pick me up. And, we're off!

my travelling companions (well, this picture was actually taken near the end of the trip, cause I didn't think to take one earlier)

Mapquest had said the drive would be about 6.5 hours. Well, what with the vagaries of travelling with an eight year old, stuffing 5 people in a smallish car and the torrential downpour we were driving through, it was 7 pm before we pulled into the Pleasant Valley Motel. (When we talked talked to a local later, he said it had rained 20 inches in the past week! All of the rivers had left their banks. And the basement of the hotel was flooded, so they had a generator going all night Friday to keep the water from reaching the electrical panel!)

Jo and Justine were largely going to meet up with Sara and Cate, so we found them first near the petting zoo.

We met lots of other people too, including, but not limited to, Wendy, Christine, Melanie , Moth Heaven, Norma, Steph, Alison, Jenn, and Juno. There were so many more that I've forgotten names of or talked to without even introducing myself, but everyone was so nice! Not that I'm surprised, but it made everything so much fun. Say hi in the comments if I've forgotten anyone.




Then, there was shopping. I tried to take pictures, but my efforts never really showed off the sheer enormity of this event. Let's just say that there were 20 buildings worth of fibre-related goodness, with over 220 vendors!

My stash enhancement:


Two hanks of alpaca from Staghorn Valley Alpacas and two hanks of Duet from Brooks Farm. The Duet is 55% Mohair and 45% Wool and is incredibly soft!


And the fibre for spinning (since I don't really know the difference between roving, batts or other forms of fibre)... from left to right, Tina's Hand Painted Fibers in Bittersweet and Lemon Sherbet and batt from Grafton Fibers

I think this is good for now...

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JoVE said...

Don't we look cold!? I realize that I hadn't see what you bought. Looks good though.