Thursday, October 27, 2005


What could this be?


Actually, It could be a number of things. A belated birthday present from a friend? Movies I bought off another friend? Sockapal2za socks? Or, a new Secret Pal package? Well, it could be anything, but since it might be a Secret Pal gift, I'm making myself wait until I have my package ready to send to go pick this up. I'm thinking Saturday. Although that's also the only day I can really get to the pickup, so its not really a choice on my part.

samus sleeves

Here is my update on the Samus sleeves. I have progressed since this picture was taken, but its just a whole lot more stockinette, so this is good for now.

Finally, I saw this in the window of a local bedding store. Isn't it cute?


Besides the animals knitting, there are sheep wearing scarves!

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katrina said...

wow that's some comment you got. cute bedsheets and nice going on the sweater!