Thursday, October 20, 2005

slow down

Wow. I was so quick off the mark with the Rhinebeck post, and now I've completely dropped off the map. I've been tired still from my busy weekend, and work has been busy (I just found out that I'm on call this weekend too, so no respite for me). I haven't been doing much knitting either. I knit a bit on my sock at the knitting group last night (It was crazy! There were twenty-odd people there! It was the largest crowd in a while as we joined up with some people from the knitty board). Justine and I spent a lot of time winding our purchases from Rhinebeck on Daisy's swift and ball winder, which she was kind enough to bring. We got a lot of stares with that contraption set up in the middle of the coffee shop (there are pictures available on the yahoo group if you want to see). There was one point where her skein kept tangling and we were both sitting on the floor babysitting it and we were giggling like mad... It was a nice moment.

Other than that, I've been reading a new book! That's pretty new for me, since I haven't read much lately. I'm reading The Colony of Unrequited Dreams, which I picked up from the Bookcrossing meeting that was going on during the last knitting group I went to.

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