Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I was feeling a little tired, so when I got home tonight, I decided to go to my room, listen to my iPod and knit for a bit before bed. Unfortunately, my iPod seemed to have frozen, so I had to go on-line to find out how to unfreeze. (For future reference, my model requires me to hold down the menu key and the centre button at the same time.)

Anyway, while it was plugged in, Apple had me connect to iTunes, and I'm currently looking at a list of the top 100 downloads today, and two things catch my attention. One, there's a lot of Christmas music, and I so don't feel like its Christmas time yet. Two, I don't know much about current music! There aren't that many songs that I recognize! So, while I'm here, I might end up buying a few new things just for kicks.

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betseydoodle said...

I'm with you...I don't know much "current" music. Coldplay is about the only 'recent" stuff in my iPod.