Thursday, November 22, 2007


I hear that Ottawa got its first big dump of snow today. This leaves me feeling surprisingly sad. Or, maybe its not so surprising.


(The temperature is still reaching the mid-30s every day, and it has cooled down a lot from when I arrived.)

This will be my first Christmas without snow, and the first time I don't go home to my family for the holidays. There will be lots of people here, and Christmas dinners, and even a party or two, so it will be fun.

But it won't be the same.

Yeah, I sound like a whiner. Anyway, since I'm far away, and would love to receive some mail at this festive time of year, I have a proposition to make. If you would like to receive mail from Sudan, and don't mind sending something to me in return (my mailing address is in Canada), email me (knitter_tara*at*yahoo*dot*ca) your address. I'll send you mine in return, and we can exchange holiday cards!


Knittyknatty said...

Great idea, put me on your mailing list! I loove getting fun mail, especially from far away, it's one of my favourite type of surprises (look for my email).

J. said...

hey you, snow it did, I didn't make it into the city yesterday there was so much snow at my house!
That first xmas away is always a littel hard but I am sure that you will still manage to have fun... even without snow, although if you really want I could send you some, speaking of which am I on that approved senders list, you might need some treats giving that the holidays are coming