Thursday, November 08, 2007

Rhinebeck stash

I have finally got the Internet set up! I can post from home, which theoretically means it could happen more often. Although I'm really tired, so I'm still going to upload photos without writing any captions right now. Words will follow. ETA: Words, such as they are, are here.


Some beautiful sock yarn, from Toni at The Fold


Also from The Fold, rayon laceweight from Blue Moon Fiber Arts. Did you know that the 2008 Rockin' Sock Club opened on Nov 1, and all the international spots are already full? Fingers crossed for the waiting list.


Fun toys, including a set of felting needles, some stitch markers, an unfinished swift, a sweater stone, a chibi with curved needles and some roving, all from Stony Mountain Fibers.


Gorgeous superwash merino/bamboo/nylon sock yarn from Maple Creek Farm


This yarn, actually from Yarn Forward, is being used to make an airplane cosy. I wanted to knit something warm while I was in the feeling of fall, but progress has slowed significantly since I got home. Yarn is Palermo by Ella Rae.


I can't seem to find a card as to what booth I got this from, and I'm concerned. They had gorgeous fibers, both this one and a colour call Caramel Swirl, and I kind of wish I'd bought more.


And more fiber, from various sources, all from Little Barn. I started spinning with the New Zealand Romney the other day, and the fiber is great to work with, very nicely prepared. These are my practice items for another little purchase I made:


My new wheel! A Hitchhiker from The Merlin Tree. I had kind of decided I wanted a wheel months ago, so it was kind of inevitable. This is a really good option for me, since it easily fit in my suitcase to come back to Sudan. Although, I tried the Ashford Kiwi when I was at the booth, and if I actually spin more, I can see one of those in my future too. Dreams, dreams...

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