Saturday, November 24, 2007

time flies

It's amazing how time flies! It's almost 4pm on Saturday, time to try and avoid thinking about work tomorrow. I have a difficult time living in the now and not always looking at what is coming next.

Today has been a good day, though. I was awake at 5am for no apparent reason, so I went for a walk along the Nile (and then went back to bed and slept in anyway!). Brunch at Ozone, and then just playing on the computer and watching the special features from Ugly Betty. I only have two episodes left, so I'm trying to stretch it out a bit. Dinner at a friend's house tonight, to celebrate the arrival of his shipment. Its always exciting here when you get pieces from home.

FYI, the site for the development where I bought a place is finally up, for anyone who hasn't seen. Squee!

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Knittyknatty said...

Wow..."I went for a walk along the Nile" don't hear that every day! Enjoy what's left of your weekend (I work tomorrow too)!