Friday, November 23, 2007


There's a party tonight that I should be going to tonight, but I'm so without energy...

I had a really productive hour or so with reorganizing things earlier. I have gotten to the point in unpacking from my move where everything was 'good enough,' but not done. My roommate spurred me on for a bit, and my office and the front entry look way better. Still not done, but better. That's all I can do for now...

ETA I forgot that today was (is) Buy Nothing Day.

I bought bread already (and a friend bought me brunch at a cafe), so I guess I don't get to participate. However, I am working at decreasing my generally rampant consumerism, which living in Sudan is definitely helping (with the lack of credit cards and easily accessible stuff (shopping here is more like going to a thrift store than going to the mall.))

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