Monday, November 26, 2007


I missed my post yesterday, but I don't have much to add today either. I am pretty lazy when it comes to cooking. I'm good at it, but I have to be pretty motivated to actually do it, especially just for myself. Today, I went fruit and veg shopping (which involves going to two different stands! At least if you want the best stuff, as the produce at the 'grocery' stores tends to be pretty lame.) So, when I got home, I decided to prep everything I bought so it wouldn't go bad in the fridge (as tends to happen. Did I mention I'm lazy?)

First, I purified water. (I use Pristine, which doesn't taste like chlorine or iodine.) The tap water isn't potable, so this is generally to avoid further contaminating the produce. I know lots of people that don't do this step, but I also know at least one person who has caught amoebic dysentery, so I take the precautions when I'm going to be eating something raw or unpeeled.

Here's the parsley taking its bath.


Then, I washed and chopped tomatoes, cucumber, parsley and cheese to make a salad. Can you believe this stuff is all in season in November!


Finally, I washed a bunch of fruit for later eating. I have pears and mangoes, and a grapefruit. (The grapefruit was a gift from the vendor when he noticed I thought the price was too high but was too tired to bargain with him.)


The pears here are the best pears I've ever tasted! And I love fruit, so I eat a lot of pears. (I also finally pulled out my tripod to do some shots without the flash, which is much better. It starts getting dark 5-ish now, but there's light for a while longer.)

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