Monday, November 19, 2007


For Knittyknatty, and anyone who's never seen one of these, this is a tuk-tuk (or a ricksja).


Its a three-wheeled, motorized vehicle that is used as a taxi, generally for shorter trips. This one is pretty unadorned, but some drivers get them all blinged out, with mirrors, beads, stickers and anything else that stands out.

We took a team building trip with the Embassy staff this week, including a stop in Shendi for a fish breakfast. I have some amazing pictures, once I organise and reduce.

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Katrina said...

Thanks Tara! That tuk-tuk is kinda cute! I don't know if that's the type of vehicle you got in an accident with, but I guess if you get hit by one they're more dangerous than cute. I'd love to see a pic of one that's all decorated with mirrors etc., should you have the time. We'll miss you at Knitnite tomorrow! Hope you and Suki are doing well.