Monday, November 12, 2007


Like random Wednesday, but not.

I just found out about NaBloPoMo. I'm a little late for the month of November, but I'm going to challenge myself to write a post a day for the next 30 days. Be prepared for randomness, since I don't knit that much these days.

An easy stitch marker tutorial. Not that I have any immediate plans to take this up (like I need another hobby with more stuff to acquire), but maybe one day.

Elijah is so cute! I want one, although I'm really trying to finish off some things on my needles first. And work on things I can actually use/wear.

Lots of these links have been stolen from one of my favourite designers: Ysolda


betsey-doodle said...

I love ysolda too!

The stuffies were fun - and I will certainly be knitting Elijah for my niece too....

Knittyknatty said...

Ysolda is also one of my favourite designers.